Photography is more than pretty pictures.
It’s a powerful tool for telling stories.

We are Lightbulb Studio – Canberra’s most accomplished and respected photographers. Our work captures those rare and irreplaceable moments of the human experience. We believe there’s a story behind every image, and it’s our job to help you tell it.

Our work.

Advertising Photography.

Our world is saturated by images. Advertising photography needs to be on brand and on message to break through the noise and into the hearts and minds of your audience. As Canberra’s leading provider of campaign photography services, we love the feeling we get when your campaign is launched and achieves your objective. Your success is our success.

Architecture Photography.

The best architectural photographers encapsulate the spirit of architecture so that it is much more than just a building. We look for interesting falls of light and striking geographical patterns, highlighting the way the building fits into its environment. Architecture photos can be powerful representations of time and place, and we pride ourselves on capturing the most striking and memorable images.

Portrait Photography.

Portraiture has long been an artform, and we’re thrilled to be continuing this tradition as a specialist commercial portrait photographers. We love to tell stories through our images and we know that the best portraits capture moments of confidence, happiness, and honesty. We take the time to get to know you so that we can get the perfect shot that shows your true self.

Corporate and Government Photography.

High quality corporate photography can make or break your business or brand. You need images that build trust in your organisation and are relatable, real, and professional. We are dedicated to working with you to understand your brand and your brief so that your message speaks loud and clear through our vibrant, honest, and unmistakeable images.